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Jun 26 '14
Degrassi - What a Night

Degrassi - What a Night

Jun 26 '14
Degrassi - What a Night

Degrassi - What a Night

Jun 3 '14

I made this video about a month ago for a new Jon Mckiel ep, which was just released today on Headless Owl Records.

Get it here.

Oct 18 '13
My birthday is coming up, try and top this unicorn dirtbike cake from a few years ago. I dare you…

My birthday is coming up, try and top this unicorn dirtbike cake from a few years ago. I dare you…

Aug 27 '13
Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages

Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages

Aug 26 '13
Andrew Sisk - Pop Talk #40 (AMI-audio)

Andrew Sisk has surreptitiously created one of the greatest song catalogues in Canadian music. The man behind the bands Share and Coco et Co., Sisk has been questioning his place in the ever-shifting music industry. A recent tribute album from his friends in the Acadian Embassy has helped to stoke his passion.

Aug 26 '13
Husband and Knife - Pop Talk #39 (AMI-audio)

Husband and Knife is the name Halifax’s KC Spidle gives to his dark, gritty take on folk music. Stripped down and bare, confessional and punk, the songs evoke images of life on the edge and a heart on a sleeve. You may have also seen him in such fan favourites as Dog Day, the Hold, the Holiday Snaps and Bad Vibrations.

Aug 12 '13
The Heavy Blinkers - AMI Pop Talk #38 (AMI-audio)

Masterminded by Jason Michael MacIsaac, the Heavy Blinkers have re-emerged after 7 long years lost at sea. Filled with songs of the war, death, and unrequited love, their new album “Health” is a haunted epic. Written as a musical, the character’s stories are told by vocalists Stewart Legere, Melanie Stone, and Jenn Grant with help from guest contributors Sondre Lerche and The High Llamas’ Sean O’Hagan.

Aug 6 '13
Julie Doiron - Part 1 - Pop Talk #36 (AMI-audio)

Julie Doiron began her musical journey in Moncton, New Brunswick way back in 1990. Her first band, the hugely influential Eric’s Trip were signed to Sub Pop Records during the mid-90’s grunge craze. Twenty years on the road, one Juno award, countless songwriting, recording and live collaborations have honed her skills and made Julie one of Canada’s most beloved musicians.

Aug 6 '13
Julie Doiron - Part 2 - Pop Talk #37 (AMI-audio)

Part 2 of the interview with the lovely Julie Doiron

Aug 2 '13

Heading to SappyFest this weekend? Check out 5 of the bands that will be performing first!

Jon McKiel

Old and Weird

Shotgun Jimmie

Heaven for Real

Weirdo Click

Jul 27 '13
Weirdo Click - Pop Talk #35

Halifax’s hip hop upstarts, Weirdo Click go ham on Pop Talk. See them tear down Sappyfest as the final act Sunday August 4th at the Sackville Legion.

Jul 22 '13
Judge Bitch - Pop Talk #34 (AMI-audio)


Judge Bitch is the synth drenched alter ego of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s Adam T. Burke. His new album, Viper was released on Aphasia Records out of Nice, France. This is the soundtrack to the chase scene from the best futuristic 80’s sci-fi/horror film that never was.

Jul 15 '13
Wordburglar - Pop Talk #33 (AMI-audio)

The wonderful Wordburglar raps about rhymes, comics and comedy with Pop Talk.

Jul 8 '13
Auctorial - Andrew Patterson

Written during a winter isolated on Nova Scotia’s south shore, the poems in Andrew Patterson's book “Collecting Unica" translate the nuances of the human condition into relatable, engaging language, at a time when most people aren’t engaged with the written word in a meaningful way.