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An admirer of the finer and more pitiful things life has to offer.

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Posts tagged Bikini

Mar 28 '12


Actress Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Baby Like a Bird — Melbourne man stuck under floorboards — ‘Carjacker’ fought off by 81-year-old — Restaurant employee battled burglar with sword, beer bottle — Facebook bikini photo gets high school student banned — Human Fetuses Found in Luggage at Miami Airport — Mother charged with shoving son, 12, forcing him to walk 2 miles in rain after he took away her vodka — Toddler Dies After Falling into Washing Marchine -&- Lorax statue stolen from home of Dr. Seuss’ widow

Mar 20 '12


Bikini Model Accused of Heading Global Drug Ring — March Madness Special: Free Pizza with Vasectomy — Boys castrated by Roman Catholic Church as homosexuality cure — Man Get Four Months in Jail for Atempted Robbry of Cabbie — Man dies after supermarket punch — Drunk man ‘swun swan around his head’ — Cop Accused of Broadcasting Sexual Encounter Over Radio Scanner — Wife charged for 2007 murder of husband aboard their boat named “SCREW U 2” -&- The wheels on the bust cause a fuss

Jan 4 '12


Robots help elderly rehabilitate — Billionaire’s sudden death tied to poisoned cat lunch — Man beheaded in fight over spilled food — Boy shot in head by celebratory gunfire — Man impaled on handbrake after crash — Boy dies after being stuck in waterfall — Study says Food allergies nearly twice as common in well-educated households — Bikini-clad girls direct traffic after fire erupts -&- Dip clip is a hit for local inventor

Jul 22 '11


The secret to getting people to click on ads online? Cats — Killer rapist undone by plastic surgeon — New Somali politician captured by rebels for being a woman — Man stabs brother in feud over cigar — Giving new meaning to ‘private sector,’ study finds link between penis size and the economy -&- Does your iPod need a charge? Plug it into this bikini

Oct 20 '10


Brisbane designer unveils R2D2 swimsuit — ‘Drunkorexia’ a growing trend among college students — The next tech-driven malady: ‘Text Neck’— N.S. woman says wood in granola bars — New comic book hero takes on testicular cancer — Air Canada to create nut-free zones — Kids name Buzz Lightyear as first man on moon -&- Man wants new face to feel daughter’s kisses