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An admirer of the finer and more pitiful things life has to offer.

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Posts tagged Drugs

Mar 20 '12


Bikini Model Accused of Heading Global Drug Ring — March Madness Special: Free Pizza with Vasectomy — Boys castrated by Roman Catholic Church as homosexuality cure — Man Get Four Months in Jail for Atempted Robbry of Cabbie — Man dies after supermarket punch — Drunk man ‘swun swan around his head’ — Cop Accused of Broadcasting Sexual Encounter Over Radio Scanner — Wife charged for 2007 murder of husband aboard their boat named “SCREW U 2” -&- The wheels on the bust cause a fuss

Jan 26 '12


Oscar De La Hoya Sued After Alleged Drug-Fueled, Kinky Orgy — Report: Demi Moore Doing “Whip-Its” Before Rushed to Hospital — Polygamous leader contradicts himself in tax court — Toilet rebate a progressive move — Seniors told to give up pets — Fearless C.B. moose may be euthanized — City resident afraid foxes will get her cat — Boy worried robbers will come to get him — Spanking with object is OK, defence argues — Police: Ax Murderer Ate Victim’s Eyeball, Brain -&- Pink flamingo pummeling puts woman in the pokey

Dec 12 '11
Let’s take our political apathy to the streets!

Let’s take our political apathy to the streets!

Sep 21 '11


Italy row over ex-porn star’s pension — Italian couple take 41-year-old son to court to force him to move out — Man killed inside blender — Jealous ex shoots woman’s boss through leg, scrotum and buttock with speargun — Man accused of breaking into home to wash clothes — Boy, 5, takes drugs to show and tell — Paraplegic hunter shoots himself in foot with crossbow, becomes pinned to ATV — ‘Tougher than nails’ 65-year-old survives bear mauling -&- Hockey Mom Accused of Sex With Son’s Teammates

Jul 27 '11


San Diego Teen Sentenced for Beheading Mexican Drug Rivals — Children Find Human Head at Retired Doctor’s Home — Edmonton: 150 enlisted to smell water — Grow-op kids are all right, study finds — Man operates on his own hernia with butter knife, cigarette — Founding member of America dies -&- Serial butt slasher attacking women shoppers in Virginia stores

Jan 27 '11


Pot Catapult Launches Drugs Over U.S. Border — Teen wife saw future polygamist husband in dream, court told — Mother jailed for sending children to better school — Fired bald waitress to file complaint — Hitler’s guard too old to answer fan mail — Man jailed over ‘sofa damage’ killing — Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page hacked -&- LED Smiles – The Latest in Japanese Fashion

Jan 19 '11



Man passes out while pushing child and beer in stroller — Teen Burglars tasted, snorted human and canine ashes — Chihuahua survives owl attack in suburban Chicago — Dogs were dinner 10,000 years ago — sheep shearer killed by own shears — Nun’s bones found in monk’s luggage — Pigeon caught taking drugs into Colombian jail -&- Berlusconi’s parties shocked even strippers