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Aug 21 '12


Breastfeeding group rejects transgender dad’s leadership bid — Porn industry halts productions during syphilis probe — U.S. valedictorian denied high school diploma for saying ‘hell’ in speech — Married women driven to drink: study — Christian girl with Down’s Syndrome arrested in Pakistan for desecrating Koran — Skinny-dipping Republican lawmaker apologizes for nude swim in Israel’s Sea of Galilee -&- Woman in Russia strangles her elderly neighbour to death with a bra

Aug 17 '12


Image of Asian-looking woman scrapped from new $100 bills after complaints — Karate punch power linked to brain power — Spider venom to be tested as cancer cure — ‘Kenny the Clown’ Had Steve Jobs’ Stolen iPad — Exploding toilets prompt recall, lawsuit — Elderly gardener ‘lured, kidnapped’ — Male contraceptive pill closer — Blog helps Latinas meet and embrace their curly locks — Tooth lost, woman jailed in Vero Beach Pringles attack -&- Naked driver had toy pistol in tush, report says

Aug 16 '12


Lost letters containing $80,000 in cheques no joke to clown’s heirs — Judge dashed for soap dish after opening ‘Bag of venereal diseases’ — Lululemon to sue pants off Calvin Klein? — Man in Spandex Banned from Mall for Sexual Harassment — Priest in Underwear Seen Chasing Boy After Assault — City hall delves into something smelly — Accused eyelash thief spotted by eagle-eyed deputy -&- ‘Bouncy Stonehenge’ aims to please history buffs and fun-seekers alike

Jul 27 '12


Woman injured when shaving foam erupts — Hotel replaces Bible with Fifty Shades of Grey — Salt and pepper shaker collection nothing to sneeze at — Women (officially) smarter than men — Burger King Fires Employee in Lettuce Photo Posted Online — Foreign hospitals rue British teens — Fred Willard says XXX movie was a “lousy film” -&- Farmers protest fall in milk prices by spraying Brussels police from cow’s udder

Jul 25 '12


Nuclear sub painter accused of setting $400-million fire so he could leave early — Court to deal with underwear thefts — Kinder Egg ban in U.S. angers returning tourist — ‘I never trusted that dog from Day 1’ — Needles found in sandwiches on four Delta flights — Your Baby Can Read company out of business — Local DJ hoping to hone art and fill dance floors — 248 human fetuses discovered in Russian forest — Research suggests polar bears much older than thought -&- LCBO sells booze to 14-year-old wearing Burka

Jul 9 '12


Teen on ‘shrooms’ shot himself in head to wake up from bad dream — Detroit woman dies after cop’s gun discharges during hug — Taiwan judge relies on Google map to rule man owns dog that caused neighbour to fall off bike — University of Calgary asks dog owners to send in pets’ poop — Third strike for Mississauga doctor after he prescribes to a dog — Baby Chimp Killed by Adult as L.A. Zoo Visitors Watch — Lawyer appears for senior in banjo theft — Charges laid after purse swinging, spitting incident — Man beheads wife on apartment roof in Berlin — Brazilian inmates offered reduced sentences for reading books — How YouTube pays neo-Nazis -&- Man With 100 Pound Growth On His Testicles Seeks Treatment

Jun 19 '12


Adidas cancels shackle shoes after slavery controversy — Man, 80, Charged With Sex Crimes Against Amish Teens — Senior citizen allegedly threatens bus driver — 60 Severed Heads Found on Southwest Jet — Saskatchewan woman jailed for having sex with her son’s three teenaged friends — Stripper pole is out, pizza parties in — Hypnotist leaves girls sick, troubled — State to Free Chowchilla Kidnapper Who Buried 26 Children Alive -&- So-Called ‘Hot Dog Hooker’ Released Immediately After Sentencing

Jun 14 '12


Germany mystified by Forest Boy without past — Single Women Gaining Limited Acceptance in Iran — Mom thrives after losing limbs to flesh-eating disease — British PM ‘forgets’ daughter, 8, at country pub — Youth privacy laws hindering search for alleged teen pimp —Quebeckers abstain from cream-filled delights — Man threatened with jail time for washing car in his driveway — ‘Punching cop lied’ — Toilet discovery gives scientists hope — Province apologizes for keeping body parts after autopsies -&- ‘Sleeping Beauty’ teen sleeps for weeks at a time

Jun 8 '12


Police seek really big headphones after theft — Head injury turns man into musical savant — California Town to Elect Dog or Cat as Mayor — Alleged victim has trouble testifying in bestiality trial — Report: ‘Covert agent’ downed a 100 beers, swam with naked woman — Man Kills Ex After 15 Years, Then Dies of Heart Attack While Fleeing the Scene — Couple Hits Elderly Woman With Car, Buries Her Alive -&- World’s most twisted face seeks challenger

Jun 7 '12


Foam party sends 40 seeking medical care — Girlfriend defends Miami ‘face-eater’ — Police probe theft of $200,000 worth of necklaces from Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose in Paris — Amanda Bynes Pleads Not Guilty to DUI, Tweets Obama — Black bear euthanized after eating convicted murderer’s remains in Canada — Octomom cancels stripper gig after co-workers diss her — Testicle-biting dogs to greet hooligans — Man accused of beating another man in feud over who’s a ‘better Mexican’ -&- Woman Puts Gas Can in Car Seat; But Not Toddler

May 28 '12


Police Shoot, Kill Naked Man Chewing on Victim’s Face — Man stole golf cart at knifepoint in nudist resort — Man intentionally urinated on woman in bathroom, deputies say — Man busted after allegedly showing gun to jump ahead of women in fast-food line — Pilots face spike in laser attacks — Scotty’s ashes get beamed up — Thief makes off with lawn ornament — Tokyo’s fugitive penguin found alive and well -&- Moose shot in golf course pond

May 22 '12


South African President, Jacob Zuma, goes to court over painting depicting his genitals — Police Find Men Partying in Dumpster — Man dies midway through window — Woman weds in same church as her funeral — Bear leaves a mess in Cox’s Cove — Squirrel in toilet startles granny — Mathematician’s complaint successful — Teacher suspended for playing explicit rap songs — Teacher charged with stealing prom money -&- Nude portrait of Stephen Harper, sex-themed exhibit turning heads in Ottawa

May 11 '12


Naked unicyclist charged for distracting drivers in SE Texas — Baby pulled off JetBlue flight for being on No Fly list — Tim Hortons baby gets free Timbits for life — Judge rules assault on woman was not friendly wrestling — Woman bites off mugger’s finger in Japan attack — Agents find child porn suspect in underwear, stabbing samurai sword into computer — Woman run down after cat urinates on PC — High School student’s ‘overabundance’ of body spray in locker room sets off fire alarm -&- Chinese students hooked up to IV drip to study

May 8 '12


Woman Mauled by Cheetahs as Husband Snaps Pictures — 14 People Sickened by Dog Food Contaminated with Salmonella — Woman sacked for shoplifting 40 years ago — Woman throws her coffee in face of serial ‘sexual deviant’ — Report: Mad dad shot son in butt — Worker jumps into vat of acid to save colleague who fell in — Man with varicose veins charges employer discriminates by forcing him to wear pants — John Travolta Sued for Sexual Battery by Masseur -&- Model’s cleavage steals the show at Mexican presidential debate

Apr 27 '12


Tranquilized Bear Falls Out of Tree — Littering teens turn bear spray on man — Teen admits to pizza robbery — Man who had bullet in head for 94 years dies — Plane quarantined over monkeypox fears — Separated lesbian couple divide assets; including 13 tubes of sperm — Not a healthy snack? Nutella to pay woman $3M over false nutritional claims — KFC told to pay $8M to family of Australian girl brain damaged by chicken meal — Crying 4-year-old forced to undergo pat-down at U.S. airport after hugging grandmother -&- Baseball fans refuse to give crying boy ball