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Posts tagged Obama

Jun 7 '12


Foam party sends 40 seeking medical care — Girlfriend defends Miami ‘face-eater’ — Police probe theft of $200,000 worth of necklaces from Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose in Paris — Amanda Bynes Pleads Not Guilty to DUI, Tweets Obama — Black bear euthanized after eating convicted murderer’s remains in Canada — Octomom cancels stripper gig after co-workers diss her — Testicle-biting dogs to greet hooligans — Man accused of beating another man in feud over who’s a ‘better Mexican’ -&- Woman Puts Gas Can in Car Seat; But Not Toddler

Mar 21 '12


Woman hides urine-filled vodka bottle in vagina, still fails drug test — Car salesman jailed for targeting ‘gullible’ female customers — Man says fire chief sneaked peek over bathroom stall — Is that your tattoo ringing? Magnetic body art could keep phones close — 911 caller to cops: Fix my cell phone — Road rage led to razor fight at McDonald’s — Fans flock to see full figured feline — Man flies with homemade flapping machine -&- British leader ‘tucked up in bed’ by Obama during Air Force One trip

Feb 9 '12


Tazer Ball: The most shocking extreme sport of the year — Santorum fills GOP’s ‘enthusiasm gap’ — NYC hotels to issue panic buttons to staff in wake of DSK scandal — Whales not slaves because they are not people, judge in SeaWorld case rules — Man sentenced to romantic Red Lobster dinner with wife after marital spat — Top Sheriff’s Official Drunk, Passed Out in Car on Freeway -&- Trigger-happy Obama fires marshmallow gun in White House

Dec 7 '11


Why Is President Obama Kissing Hugo Chavez? — FDA approves hangover pill — Common cold cure a squirt away — Woman accused of daring man to slap her butt prior to screwdriver attack — Woman killed ex-roommate, hid body under Christmas presents — ‘Killing is so easy’, alleged killer said — Police shooting of youth found justified — CBRM halts teen dances after fracas -&- Cannonball Hits House, Minivan in “Mythbusters” Experiment Gone Wrong

Nov 21 '11


Fake Doctor Injected “Fix a Flat” into Patient’s Butt, police say — Statistics can prove almost anything, report finds — Burglar likely has lingerie fetish — Cops searching for manatee violators find pot smugglers — Florida Supreme Court permanently removes hugging judge — Mom upset school’s guest speaker was a Hooter’s waitress — Registered Sex Offender Helped Cast Child Actors in Movies — Michelle Obama booed at NASCAR event -&- Moscow’s martial arts fans boo Putin as he steps into the ring

Aug 30 '11


Kite string slices man’s neck — Man hurt after 4 a.m. dip in pool — Hamilton wrestler linked to gang behind Bacon slaying — 9-year-old handcuffed by police at Toronto daycare — DA: Soldier Brought Daughter, 6, on Hurricane Killing Spree — President Obama’s Uncle Arrested, Asks to Call White House — US arrests man for trying to board plane in Miami with snakes, tortoises hidden in his pants -&- Woman Arrested at LAX With Birds Taped to Her Body

Jul 5 '11


105-pound woman takes first female title at hot dog-eating contest — Manitoba named Slurpee Capital of the World … again — Man acquitted in diaper fetish sex assault case — Motorcyclist in anti-helmet protest dies after hitting head — ‘Obama shot dead’ – tweets Fox News — Missing Woman Found in Restaurant Ventilation Duct -&- Italian police break up bear-meat banquet laid on by Berlusconi allies