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The Worst

An admirer of the finer and more pitiful things life has to offer.

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Jun 3 '14

I made this video about a month ago for a new Jon Mckiel ep, which was just released today on Headless Owl Records.

Get it here.

Jun 17 '12

Sleepless Nights - Magic Fly (Space Cover)

Here’s a video I was just reminded of that I made years ago. It was mostly a joke/experiment, but isn’t without some charm…

Jun 17 '12

Performances from each artist to play the Grand Opening of Obsolete Records in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Recorded Saturday May 22nd, 2010.

Mighty Northumberland
Mean Wind
Jon McKiel
Mike O’Neill
Julie Doiron

Mar 12 '12

Jon McKiel - Ice Man

Please enjoy this video I made at the behest of the talented Mr. McKiel.

Parts may be a bit NSFW.  Visuals courtesy of "Murder Weapon" (1989)

Caring means sharing.

Jan 2 '10

A music video I made for the wonderful Halifax band “Bloodsport”. The song is “Japanese Democracy” the footage courtesy of “Rooster: Spurs of Death” 1983.